Shoreware Director – TMSNcc.log file notes

15 11 2011

Just had a useful session with a Shoretel TAC guy – the problem being dropped calls when using Shoreware Communicator.  The diagnosis was that there is too much jitter on the network, and it was TmsNcc.log that showed up the problem:

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Shoretel Client Debugging

14 11 2011

Sometimes it is necessary to debug issues from the client perspective, so here is a quick guide with screenshots on how to do this.

First you switch on the debugging, then wait until the problem recurs. When it does, note the exact time the problem happened and generate a zip file containing the logs for your support people to analyse.

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Shoretel TMS event ID 246

10 11 2011

We’ve been consistently getting an informational event in our Director’s logs from TMS over the past few weeks and until now, I wasn’t sure where it was coming from.  Finally got to the bottom of it the other day though, with a bit of help from a colleague.  It seems that a mis-configured SIP device was probably the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

Nice post on Shoretel QoS settings

29 07 2011

This is a really useful post.  Just sticking it here for reference…

Shoretel Mobility Router – almost working

20 06 2011

A colleague and I got most of the Shoretel Mobility Router (formerly Agito Networks) working today – pretty cool stuff.  I can now make calls from my iPhone at home via my office extension number.  Good thing is that I’m always reachable. Bad thing is that I’m always reachable. Hmm.