TDR Cable Test on EX switches – CLI procedure…

24 02 2012

I recently wrote up my experience with a cable-test wizard in the JWeb interface, and was prompted to give it a go at the CLI. Turns out you can do that too of course…
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Nice feature – cable test on Junos EX switch

17 11 2011

There are some really nice features about EX switches, and I only just got round to giving this one a go.  You can run a port test – in the screenshots below it is ge-0/0/3 – and one of the tests run will tell you how far it is to the cable break.  This is a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) test.  In the example, it shows 17 metres to the break – so I can tell that there’s probably a cable from the port to the patch panel, but nothing plugged-in at the wall-port.

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