The Data Plumber is a network engineer based in the south of England working for a company called Axians (formerly Imtech ICT) that is a Juniper Elite Partner. He obtained CCIE number 16500 on the 6th July 2006 in the routing and switching track.

While he loves his job, he’s not malodorous, doesn’t stutter, respects your personal space and would never spit on you while speaking about something crushingly dull. He does have outside interests and a christmas card list that is longer than he cares to buy stamps for.

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28 03 2007
Clifford Baldwin

I’m a network engineer for Cox Communications, Oklahoma. Nice little blog. Stumbled across your site while doing some research. Are you aware of any way to “alias” a command in Junos, like one can in Cisco-land?

I’ll be visiting again. Very well done site.

Cheers –


29 03 2007

Hi –
Well thanks for the compliments! I was just hoping that something I’ve discovered or worked out will be of use to someone, somewhere, somewhen!

I’ve had a look around for a Juniper equivalent of the “alias” command and have drawn a blank to be honest. It could be very useful couldn’t it? An ex colleague of mine works at Juniper, so when I catch him, I’ll see what he knows.

Best regards,

23 06 2008


Just seen your post about 300 LW Avenue.

I was looking after the lab when you were having the tour – glad you enjoyed it, I took great pride in making her look good!!!


1 07 2008


We just totally wiped out a Cisco 3560G by wiping the flash without being fully aware of the consequences. Your site really helped with the Cisco Recovery post.


2 07 2008


I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and wanted to discuss a couple of things with you regarding it. If you could, please email me at your convenience, it would be appreciated. Thank you!!!


18 08 2008
Bryan Dixon

Hello DP,

I have been looking for a Juniper equivalent of the Cisco alias command, but I couldn’t find it. Do you have the answer?

Best Regards,

18 08 2008

Hi – I eventually got around to asking a professional services person I know in Juniper who is very good. He tells me there’s (unfortunately) no equivalent, which is a shame…

21 12 2008

There is not a command with exact parity to “alias” in the IOS world but I think JUNOS has something more powerful in the way of Op Scripting:



Op Scripts are way more powerful than “alias” and are a great tools for automation.


22 12 2008

Thanks for the links! I’ve been meaning to look into the op scripting functions of JUNOS for some time now, but never seem to get around to it.

12 02 2009
shivlu jain

i working for SP network and trying to get in tocuh with the bloggers like you.

shivlu jain

1 09 2010
Rene Molenaar

Hi DP,

Perhaps interesting for other Cisco people over here…i’m creating and publishing GNS3 labs on http://www.gns3vault.com for Free. I’m only working with Cisco so no Juniper labs so far…but you never know what the future will bring 😉


Rene Molenaar

27 11 2010

An online Config generator for juniper cisco and nortel switches
You can see it at –



7 05 2012
Luca Donetti Dontin (@lucadonetti)

I’m Luca from Italy,I have looked your nice blog.I have a problem from a WLC WLC-800 and a Cisco Cat 4503. Can you help me?

16 10 2015

Hello DataPlumber,

Thanks for keeping your notes online and available to us. I will keep your site bookmarked as I think I would like to be in the same position as you (career wise)


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