Trapeze MSS software – corrupted certificates and keys following reboot

3 11 2006

Just put MSS on a new MX-20, and all seemed to be going swimmingly. It is Early Availability code so I guess you should expect some problems, but since this customer isn’t going live just yet, we thought it was worth a try.

Anyway – after I left he had some kind of problem where clients weren’t authenticating, so he rebooted the MX. Following that, no clients could connect and Ringmaster couldn’t see the MX!

Looking in the logs we see this:

HTTPD Oct 27 15:18:58.849755 ERROR HTTPD: SSL connection failure (bad cert?); Admin client
HTTPD Oct 27 15:19:04.876600 ERROR SYSLOG_DUP: last message repeated 81 times.

Simply re-generating the admin certificate doesn’t work – it results in:

error: 'read error' returned from generate self-signed cert request
So we had to re-generate the keys and the certs from scratch for admin, eap and web. What a pain in the bum.