Juniper SRX – default configuration

22 02 2012

A friend of mine has just loaned me an SRX210 with an ADSL2/2+ module in it, so I thought I’d dump the default configuration here with notes before I start configuring it.   Interestingly, JTAC are recommending 10.4R8.5 (released on the 5th Jan 2012) but the box has arrived with 11.1R1.0.  Undaunted, I think I’ll put 11.4R1.6 on it and see how things go.  Might as well live on the edge, eh?

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Juniper’s ‘Translator in the Cloud’

30 06 2011

Interesting and simple description of how Juniper implement a translator to enable their website for IPv6 users. What’s also interesting is that they don’t make mention of what the ‘translator’ actually is… If it were a Junos device, I’m sure they’d have made a meal of it, but I am assuming it is an F5 or an A10 box.

Spam over IPv6

21 04 2010

I was on a conference call with Websense the other day, who seem to be (along with a lot of other people) sticking their heads in the sand with regard to IPv6 support on their products.

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