Shoretel Mobility Router – almost working

20 06 2011

A colleague and I got most of the Shoretel Mobility Router (formerly Agito Networks) working today – pretty cool stuff.  I can now make calls from my iPhone at home via my office extension number.  Good thing is that I’m always reachable. Bad thing is that I’m always reachable. Hmm.



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11 11 2013
Tudor Adrian Negru

Hi there,
Cool stuff with the Mobility Router 🙂
I’m currently trying to get my first one working for our company but don’t know how to tackle this.
Would you happen to have some cheat-sheet compiled after you gents managed to sort the SMR out?
I’m using eth1 as a static IP on a different internal VLAN than eth0 but have that NATed to a public one for roaming users.
I’ve seen an integration document from ShoreTel but for some reason it’s not working for me.. I can get a user provisioned from the LAN wi-fi (outside doesn’t work even though i can ping the public IP which is NAT-ed to my eth1 address) but it fails to register…when I go under “Monitor->Users” I can see that user’s phone provisioned with all the set details (IMEI, MAC etc) but PBX regstration rejected…i feel like something’s giving me the slip here.

Many thanks for your time if reading this. If by any means you have some useful stuff, my e-mail address is

Much obliged.

Best regards,
Tudor Adrian Negru

21 11 2013

Hi – well it is quite a long time since I did any Shoretel mobility router stuff, to be honest. I remember it being quite tricky to get right. I seem to remember getting stuck for a long time with a firewall issue when the customer told me everything was being passed through but it wasn’t.
I can’t answer your question unfortunately, but i would recommend giving Shoretel a call. They did have a pretty good integration guide which was more recent than the one that came with the box. Also the software upgrade we did made a difference to how it worked if I remember right.
Good luck…

15 03 2015

If the ShoreTel system is rejecting your connection then either the username (JeFF_Brown_2655 if the proper format for the username) or the user’s desk extension SIP password is incorrect.

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