Extremeware loopback VLANs

8 08 2007

I only recently discovered that there’s a way to make loopback VLANs under Extremeware, which work like loopback interfaces in Cisco’s IOS. Apparently this command has been available since Extremeware 6.1, but I managed to not notice for all this time…

enable loopback-mode vlan <name>

Extremeware – why is it so poorly designed?

29 03 2007

I really don’t understand why some of the user interface things about Extremeware remain unresolved despite the software’s evolution from version 4.x to 7.6 (currently).

For instance, the age-old problem of pasting configuration lines to the CLI via Hyperterminal (or any other terminal emulator you wish to use). Using a Cisco router, you can take a complete configuration file and paste it right into the command line and it will take all the lines faithfully, unless you’ve made an error of some sort.

Try to do this in Extremeware, and you’ll get some of what you wanted, but the rest of it gets munged somehow so that the commands don’t get taken correctly. Read the rest of this entry »