Location of images on Junos Space after upload

23 06 2016

Just a note for my own reference really –

The images you upload via the GUI to upgrade Space end up on the filesystem in /var/cache/jboss/jmp/<imageversion> directory.  In that directory is the actual image, plus a file called appVersionListFile.txt – this file seems to tell the system what other Space apps it is compatible with.

It seems to upload the image into this directory, and then extracts all the various .rpm files from it into /var/cache/jboss/jmp/payloads/<imageversion> directory.


I confirmed this by performing an ‘rm -rf <imageversion>’ on both the above directories, then uploading another image via the GUI again.  Both directories re-appeared.  I doubt this is recommended by TAC though, so do this at your own peril.





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