PHPBB and website integration

10 03 2016

I needed to integrate a website login with a phpBB3 forum recently, and this blog post came in really useful:

The only issue with it was the logout section – it uses $_GET, but when I implement this I get a message saying that this is an ‘illegal use of $_GET’.

Instead, the logout code that worked for me was this – it uses request_var() instead:

$cp = request_var('cp', '');
if ($cp == "logout") {
echo "Logged out";



One response

23 03 2017

Hi Andrew,

Saw you phpbb integration post over stackoverflow and in process of trying a way to implement my brand new site with already installed phpbb v3.2.0

Can I try your code on my site and see how I get on and perhaps also advise what you file structure is linke. I noticed you have a menu.php which I guess is called from one of the frame son your site?
My site will not use frames and is plain html front page for now.


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