Lost disk from Junos boot order

26 01 2011

I keep forgetting how to do this, hence a note to self…

Every so often Junos routers (in the latest case) an MX seem to lose their hard disk. This can go unnoticed and when you come to do something like upgrade the software, you run into disk space issues since one is much smaller than the other. Read the rest of this entry »

Junos logical systems, and logical system users

2 08 2010

Logical systems on Junos are quite easy to configure. Their purpose is to partition the system up into completely separate routers, each running its own routing daemon (rpd). The systems don’t talk to each other at all – you connect them together using physical or vlan-tagged virtual interfaces if they need to communicate.

Unless I’m mistaken, the ability to create a user with control over a single logical system is not covered by the manual. I thought I’d write it up here, just in case it is of any use to anyone.
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