Testing notes: simulating link failure by filtering BFD packets

28 12 2018

In some testing I am doing, I need to prove that BFD can be used with iBGP to tell the BGP protocol when there is an interruption.  This will enable BGP to be brought down much faster than if regular BGP timers are used.

To make this easier to do, I used a firewall filter on one of the two routers to filter out BFD but accept all other packets:
Single-hop BFD (i.e. across a link) uses UDP 3784, while multi-hop BFD uses 4784.  Since my BFD sessions are configured between loopbacks, it is this latter type I need to filter.

In the example below, CORE1 is a BGP client of CORE2, which is the route-reflector.

The following was configured on the routers to bring up the BFD session (I am only showing one side – you can figure out the mirror of this yourself I think):

[edit protocols bgp group CORE neighbor]
      bfd-liveness-detection {
          minimum-receive-interval 300;
          multiplier 3;
          transmit-interval {
              minimum-interval 100;

When the remote side was done, the session came up:

axians@CORE1> show bfd session
Dec 28 17:17:10
                               Detect Transmit
Address       State Interface  Time   Interval  Multiplier      Up              0.900     0.300        3

To bring down the BFD session, apply the following filter outbound on the core-facing interface(s):

axians@CORE1# show | compare rollback 2
Dec 28 17:23:33
[edit interfaces ae1 unit 0 family inet]
  filter {
    output BLOCK-BFD;
[edit firewall family inet]
  filter BLOCK-BFD {
    term T1 {
      from {
        protocol udp;
        port 4784;
      then {
    term T2 {
      then accept;

As soon as the filter is applied, BFD times-out and brings down the BGP session:

Dec 28 17:39:13 CORE2 bfdd[1935]: %DAEMON-4: BFD Session (IFL 0) state Up -> Down LD/RD(16/23) Up time:00:06:07 Local diag: CtlExpire Remote diag: None Reason: Detect Timer Expiry.

Dec 28 17:39:13 CORE2 bfdd[1935]: %DAEMON-4-BFDD_TRAP_MHOP_STATE_DOWN: local discriminator: 16, new state: down, peer addr:



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