Microsoft on Macs – ARGH!

15 12 2015

I moved my Mum onto a Mac a few years ago, and the calls for support dropped off dramatically.  She’s a very non-technical user, but tries hard to get to grips with the modern technology.

She’s recently decided she’d like to put some photos in a Word document, and write a message underneath – to send round to people at Christmas, you know?  How hard can that be?

Over the phone, I told her to go to Photos, select the photo and do Edit | Copy from the menu.  Then go to Word and do Edit | Paste to put it in the document.


Tried it on my Mac, and sure enough, Word doesn’t know there’s anything in the clipboard to paste!   But if you open anything else (e.g. Textedit) it works fine.

Not really sure whose problem this is, since Word is able to paste in an image that is not in Photos (i.e. an image on the hard disk).  Instructions for that are here:

For a novice user like mum, finding that simple things like cutting and pasting are broken is extremely confusing. Of course she thinks it is her fault, when in fact it is the technology’s fault.




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