MXes in Junosphere

29 10 2014

MXes in Junosphere are unsupported, but I tend to use them because I want something a bit closer to the real thing somehow.  The VJX is ok, but I like the way the MX doesn’t come with any security-related stuff, and the interfaces start at ge-0/0/0 rather than ge-0/0/1!

The only downside with the virtual MX is that it is a non-supported image, unlike the VJX.

Sometimes when usign an VMX, you find that the topology starts up but you can’t SSH to one or two of the nodes.   So you console onto it and discover that (for some reason) the management IP address has been put onto em0 rather than being where it should be in the member0 group applied to fxp0:

root@S1> show configuration groups member0
system {
    host-name S1;
interfaces {
    fxp0 {
        unit 0 {
            family inet;    <=== IP address missing!

root@S1> show configuration interfaces em0
unit 0 {
    family inet {
        address;  <== Here it is.

The solution to this is to console onto the device and move the IP from em0 onto fxp0.   This behaviour seems a bit random – starting and stopping the topology may cure it, or you may find the problem has moved onto another virtual MX.  Unfortunately you can’t log a case for this with JTAC because the image is unsupported.  Bummer.




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29 10 2014
Junosphere Bugbears | The Data Plumber

[…] 1. Sometimes MXes start up with their management IP address in the wrong place – see this post. […]

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