Junosphere Bugbears

29 10 2014

I’ve always thought Junosphere was great, and it certainly makes setting up test scenarios really really easy.  However there are a few things that really niggle when using it.  They don’t seem to be getting much better, which makes me wonder if there’s much development work going on with the platform.  Messages to the “junosphere-contactme” email address given get no reply.

Anyway, here’s the list of niggles:

1. Sometimes MXes start up with their management IP address in the wrong place – see this post.

2. If you have a saved set of configs for Junosphere which you import from your hard disk, it doesn’t create a network diagram.

3. Topmost annoyance: every time you start up your topology the routers get different IP addresses.  Argh.

4. To edit a predefined config for a device, you have to stop the whole topology.   This makes setting up topologies for training courses quite a laborious process because the routers take such a long time to start up and shut down while you try to get the base config right.

5. It would be really nice to have the IP addresses and console addresses as hyperlinks you could click on to see the device’s console.   That might make item 3 a bit easier to live with.

6. The Centos host in Junosphere only has a really small screen resolution.

7. It would be really nice if you could kick off the SSL VPN from the Junosphere admin pages without having to sign in a second time.

8.  When I click the “Join” button to join an active topology, please don’t pop up a box asking me if I really want to join the topology.  Leave that kind of confirmation for potentially critical things like stopping the topology,




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