Palm Pre disappointment…

8 03 2011

I’ve always been a bit of a Palm advocate, ever since stumping up the cash for the first Palm Pilot ages ago.  It seemed to be so simple to use, the ‘graffiti’ handwriting stuff was good, and it was a whole lot cheaper than an Apple Newton.

When the company got me a Blackberry I was initially mesmerised by all the stuff it seemed to do, but I quickly decided it wasn’t for me – there were just lots of little things about it that seemed un-intuitive and irritating.  For example, I’m sure its possible to stop the thing getting emails after 7pm at night so you can concentrate on your personal life, but I couldn’t work it out. That said I didn’t try very hard – throwing it in the bin seemed a simpler way to stop the super-bright LED blinking away incessantly in the darkness of my bedroom.

Eventually I decided I needed a personal phone with a camera, so after a bit of deliberation I decided to shun the iPhone and its heavier price-tag in favour of the Palm Pre.  Lovely user interface, but a bit lacking in the general smoothness that iPhones have.  Nevertheless it seemed good, until I realised that the battery was only lasting about 12 hours, even with WiFi and bluetooth turned off.  So I turned off GPS, set email checking to once an hour and did a variety of other stuff recommended by people on the Internet – all of which seemed to make absolutely no difference. 

I make a couple of short calls per day on this phone, maximum.  I check Facebook occasionally and maybe do a few emails (encrypted IMAP from the Pre to my mailserver – thanks to Mailserve at the server end). Maybe if I am feeling crazy, I might take a photo.  Even with this light usage, the battery’s gone in 12 hours.  I mean, REALLY?   I wasn’t expecting days of use between charges, but less than 24 hours?

Pinned all my hopes on WebOS 2 which was apparently going to be available on my phone, and just found out (using this site) that it now isn’t going to be happening.


Back to the Nokia 6300 I think.




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