I can’t stand Extreme EXOS

22 07 2010

Rant for the day. I thought my days of dealing with Extreme switches were done, until I got stitched up with a campus LAN installation. I have to say, it’s gone well and the switches are reliable (unlike my last project a few years ago), but why oh why is EXOS just as crap as Extremeware? They had a chance to re-write things so that they made sense when they moved to the new Linux-based operating system, but they don’t seem to have taken much advantage of that for some reason.

Here’s an example:

I’ve got one switch running 12.4.  It has three VLANs and all I want is IP forwarding – I’ve configured no protocols such as OSPF or RIP – just plain and simple forwarding.  But when I look at the config, I get all this RIP gubbins in there despite not having configured any of it:

# Module rip configuration.
configure rip garbagetime 120
configure rip import-policy none
configure rip routetimeout 180
configure rip updatetime 30
disable rip originate-default
enable rip use-ip-router-alert
disable rip aggregation
enable rip poisonreverse
enable rip splithorizon
enable rip triggerupdates
disable rip
disable rip export direct
disable rip export static
disable rip export ospf-intra
disable rip export ospf-inter
disable rip export ospf-extern1
disable rip export ospf-extern2
disable rip export e-bgp
disable rip export i-bgp

Conversely, I’ve not configured the web server, and the config is bare:

# Module thttpd configuration.

This just strikes me as a bit bonkers.

And talking of bonkers, the concept of virtual routers is a bit wierd. I configure my VLANs and they all go into VR-Default. I bring up the links between the switches and I can ping between them just fine, but telnet results in a ‘network unreachable’ type message. So to telnet I need to add “vr VR-Default” to the command for some reason. I understand that telnet happens in the management VR, but since that’s only configured on the port on the rear (which I am not using) I want to use the single VR-Default for everything. Why I can’t do that is a bit of a mystery.





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28 07 2010

So, some superfluous configs and your inability to understand the concept of virtual routers makes EXOS crappy?

28 07 2010

Oh I understand virtual routers alright – I just want to keep things simple for my customer, and the switch in this case isn’t doing any routing. Nevertheless, EXOS forces me (or rather the customer) to deal with virtual routers.

And ‘some’ superperfluous config? There’s yards of it. I understand the need for defaults to turn up in the config, but why put in all the RIP and OSPF defaults when the whole protocol is turned off? It’s about design elegance, and when Extreme moved from Extremeware to EXOS, they had the chance to start again with a blank piece of paper with regard to user experience – an opportunity that they seem to have ignored.

Juniper (as an alternative example) really changed the field when they started with a blank bit of paper back in the late 90s. Useful stuff like the ability to undo configs, the ability to pre-provision interfaces that aren’t there yet, useful CLI editing shortcuts and so on really (in my opinion) upped the game in terms of usability.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m no Junos fan-boy, and I’ll concede that I’ve come across much worse CLI implementations than Extreme’s, but I just find it frustrating sometimes.

27 10 2010

For starters, RIP is disabled. The entries listed for RIP are the default entries for EXOS. They will not be playing with your routing at all.

To enable forwarding :
enable ipforwarding vlan vlan_name1
enable ipforwarding vlan vlan_name2
enable ipforwarding vlan vlan_name3

You should probably not use the show config command, that’s very cisco like.

show rip : that would show you that its off, with the default settings.

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