‘BTLB binary’ errors from kernel in Junos SRX branch

15 05 2010

I’ve been getting this message in the messages log of various SRX-240s on a customer network, and at first I was quite concerned:

/kernel: exec_elf32_imgact: Running BTLB binary without the BTLB_FLAG env set

After consulting with JTAC, however, it turns out to be nothing to worry about. The message is produced every time you do a ‘show version detail’ or ‘request support information’ (which includes the ‘show version detail’ command.

What happens is that a new forwarding process is started up in parallel to the one that is already running (and doing the forwarding). The new process is started without a flag being set, and is only running for long enough to get the binary version from it. It then shuts down.

This message is not important so long as it is happening at these times.

This was seen on 10.0R3.10 code.




4 responses

24 06 2010

I just found the site. I really like your thoughts, insights and troubleshooting steps provided. I just wish that you updated it more often…

5 07 2010

Hi Bryce – thanks for the compliments. And you’re right, I do need to update more often… That’s my new week’s resolution now!

6 08 2014

Thanks for this note,

14 08 2016
Allen Mert

Thanks , it really helped to figure out the root cause.

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