CCIE Service Provider written exam

10 03 2008

I’m starting to bite my nails – I’ve got the CCIE SP written on Friday and have only just started revising for it this weekend! Ok – I know it isn’t as harrowing as the actual lab (which I have yet to book), but I just can’t decide where to begin…

Lookign at the written exam blueprint on the Cisco site gives me a very wide-ranging starting-point. But is GMPLS really going to be included?   And Global Server Load-Balancing??!

I don’t know a whole lot about RPR, so there’s a new topic to get started on from scratch.  And I’ll have to break out the books for information on CRS-1 and IOS-XR.

Even more worrying is the ‘sample questions‘ page for the written!  Surely these must date from before the CCIE written was made into a single exam??  Questions like “What is the effect of changing the DMT interleaved delay from 3 ms to 15ms” just leave me a bit clueless!    And why are there IP telephony questions in there?

Oh well – better give it my best shot over the coming evenings!   I’ve written a long list of stuff to find out about.



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22 05 2008

I find your articles on RPR and L2TPv3 well-written and simple enough. They cover topics on the SP Written which I plan to take next month in Orlando.

Did you take that written back in March? I just would like to know how bad it is. I am planning to cram a lot of studying in the next 3 weeks and wondering if this will get me anywhere, considering that I work for an SP for 7 years.


5 06 2009

Hi ,

did you manage to do the ccie written and lab exam ive been trying to read but whenever i start reading i get a panic attack i dont know where to read and what is important because the blueprint on the cisco site is very vague.

please help

9 06 2009

Yeah – I know what you mean about the panic attack thing.

Thing to remember is that although this is highly challenging, you’re not on your own, and you *can* pass it. Just keep calm, take one step at a time and don’t let yourself be distracted by anything. I broke the blueprint down into broad categories, assigned myself one category per week, and printed it as a calendar to put on the wall.

I’ve not done the practical yet though – work getting in the way too much.

Have a look at this URL if you’ve not seen it before. Quite useful, and it is very CCIE SP focussed.

Click to access How_to_Pass_CCIE_Lab_Insider_Tips.pdf

Above all, when it comes to doing the actual lab, I would definitely stop reading books. Get a workbook from IEMentor and maybe another from Internetwork Expert, and just practice, practice, practice. Do it again, and again until you get your speed up. Speed over the basics is (in my opinion) the single most important thing in this exam. Get the easy stuff down fast, and you’ve got time to work out the rest of what you don’t know. Forget about knowing or reading everything – it just isn’t possible for most of us. Speed and accuracy.

Oh – and in the exam itself, before you type any config, read the paper ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Spot the issues and things they’ll try to trip you up on – it stops you having to re-do loads of stuff because you made an assumption that turned out to be incorrect.

Best of luck – you’ll get there.

9 11 2009

very useful article..I`am glad to found this..thanks

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