CCIE Service Provider Course

3 01 2008

I’ve not been posting very much recently because I had a lot of holiday to use up, and also spent a week on a CCIE bootcamp in San Jose. I’m considering going for CCIE number 2 – the service provider one this time!

I chose ieMentor to do the course with because they seemed to be the only people with a proper course really. Although I like Internetwork Expert a lot from doing the R&S, they only seem to offer a “class on demand” – a kind of distance learning offering. While I am sure it is up to their usual standard, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get a block of time off from work without interruptions to do it. I also really like Netmasterclass, but they only do R&S bootcamps unfortunately. (That said, I went on both their R&S bootcamps and they were excellent – I can’t recommend them highly enough.)

Anyway, ieMentor were really good. The training was run at Cisco’s offices on Tasman Drive in San Jose, and of course you get the usual perks of being at Cisco – free coffee and drinks all day long!

The tutor was Roman Rodichev – a 5 x CCIE. He was extremely competent and did a good job of explaining things, resolving issues and generally being available for the students.

The format of the course is basically a one-day refresher of SP technologies, followed by two mock labs. The mock labs were punishing to say the least – I’m a recent R&S CCIE, and I also have CCIP, but that didn’t really prepare me in any way for subjects like inter-AS VPNs and multicast VPNs.

So in summary, this is a great course, but you’d be well-advised to get some study in on their workbook in advance of going on it, otherwise you’ll be struggling!



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5 01 2008
Chi Dang

I would say iementor class was top notch I learn so much from Roman in 1 week, and I was able to prep myself for SP Lab with 100% confident I did miss my lab by few points but I’m almost 100% sure if I didn’t take his bootcamp I would probably fail miserably so, I agree their bootcamp seems very long and very advanced. We spend like 12-15 hrs per day, Mon-Friday I was total beat by Friday but at the end it’s all worth it.

Thank you Roman for all your hard work and support.

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