Ipanema IP|Engine basic setup

28 09 2007

Basic setup to get an IP|Engine onto the network:

View IP configuration:

[ipe]$ ipconfig -d
Current configuration:
[MGT] IPaddr :
IPmask :
intfMTU : 1500
Gateway :
Hostname : ipe
Serial mode : yes
Copyright (c) Ipanema Technologies 2000-2006

Configure the IP information:

[ipe]$ ipconfig mgt -a -m -g

Set the hostname:

[ipe]$ ipconfig -h MyIPEngine

Permit telnet and SSH access:

[MyIPEngine]$ netconfig +ssh +telnet

You’ll need to reboot after these commands have been entered.  The command is (unsurprisingly) ‘reboot’.




2 responses

20 09 2016
Darren James

Hi Do you have literature or links i can find information out about Ipanema

18 10 2016

Hi – sorry – not any more. This was quite a few years ago in a different job unfortunately.

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