Extremeware – why is it so poorly designed?

29 03 2007

I really don’t understand why some of the user interface things about Extremeware remain unresolved despite the software’s evolution from version 4.x to 7.6 (currently).

For instance, the age-old problem of pasting configuration lines to the CLI via Hyperterminal (or any other terminal emulator you wish to use). Using a Cisco router, you can take a complete configuration file and paste it right into the command line and it will take all the lines faithfully, unless you’ve made an error of some sort.

Try to do this in Extremeware, and you’ll get some of what you wanted, but the rest of it gets munged somehow so that the commands don’t get taken correctly.

I’m in the lab at the moment, trying to simulate something that needs about 50 VLANs each with a VRRP interface. The commands I need for this are:

create vlan a1
config vlan a1 tag 10
config vlan a1 ipaddress
config vlan a1 add port 15,16 tag stpd S0
enable ipforwarding vlan a1
config vrrp vlan a1 add master vrid 1
config vrrp vlan a1 vrid 1 priority 255
config vrrp vlan a1 preempt
config vrrp add vlan a1

The commands above create the vlan, give it a tag, add it to the ports required, give it an IP address and configure this switch to be VRRP master. I need to do this 49 more times on the master switch. I also need to do it 50 times on the VRRP backup switch, obviously changing the priority to something less that 255.

So I put each line into an Excel spreadsheet and use its “Autofill” feature to increment all the numbers on each line for me automatically. Then cut and paste it back into Wordpad to do any “search and replace stuff”, and when I’ve checked it over, paste it into Hyperterminal.

All well and good, but for some reason, random lines get missed or munged. Why is that? I’ve messed with my flow control settings, and various terminal settings to no avail.

I know that you can TFTP a partial configuration from a TFTP server, but then you have to reboot the switch so that it can read in the configuration lines. What a pain… Surely someone in Extreme’s test department must have found this rather a hinderance?



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18 08 2008

Try inserting certain “wait” delay for each line.
~50ms would be good enough.

Since hyperterminal is not capable of doing that, you’d need to look for other terminal emulator.

24 08 2009

Hi DataPlumber,

I came across your website doing a search on Extremeware to Cisco IOS translation. You would figure Extreme networks would have one. Juniper has a great resource for Cisco converts.


I am proficient in Cisco IOS. You happen to have a cheat cheat on Cisco IOS to Extremeware translation. What was your first network language? I know what I want to do, set vlans, set a trunk, create vty for telnet or ssh access.

Doing simple write erase is hard to find on the web. I am settings up basic L2 Stuff, a VLAN, a Managment VLAN set the switch to transparent, set the uplink port with 802.1q

Thanks for you help

8 03 2013

In principle the Extreme XOS are xml and should be human readable with a suitable schema./ tool. Not found it. So I need to save configs, twice. Once in native format, and once as text. You can not paste the text config as some of the commands listed the config are not valid. There is an issue with simple-password becoming simplepassword.

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