Loading IOS image via TFTP in ROMMON

16 03 2007

Always a pain in the backside, isn’t it, when you’re stuck with a router that has no image on it. Even if you up the baud rate to 115,200 it still takes an age to download an image over the serial port to the thing.

More recent routers seem to have a TFTP client built-into the ROMMON software though. Not entirely sure how recent a router has to be in order to have this facility, but it’s very handy and saves a lot of time.

You basically set a few environment variables so that the router knows what its IP address is, where the server is and what the file it should download is. After that, just issue the “tftpdnld” command and off it goes. Here’s what you do:

rommon 11 > IP_ADDRESS=
rommon 12 > IP_SUBNET_MASK=
rommon 13 > DEFAULT_GATEWAY=
rommon 14 > TFTP_SERVER=
rommon 15 > TFTP_FILE=c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-13a.bin
rommon 16 > tftpdnld
TFTP_FILE: c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-13a.bin
TFTP_MACADDR: 00:13:80:7b:20:1e
FE_SPEED_MODE: Auto Detect
Invoke this command for disaster recovery only.
WARNING: all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost!
Do you wish to continue? y/n: [n]: y
Receiving c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-13a.bin from !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
File reception completed.
Validating checksum.
Copying file c1841-advipservicesk9-mz.124-13a.bin to flash.
program load complete, entry point: 0x8000f000, size: 0xc100
Initializing ATA monitor library.......
Format: Drive communication & 1st Sector Write OK...
Writing Monlib sectors.
Monlib write complete
Format: All system sectors written. OK...
Format: Operation completed successfully.
Format of flash: complete
program load complete, entry point: 0x8000f000, size: 0xc100
Initializing ATA monitor library.......
rommon 17 >

Once that’s done, just issue a reset command and it should boot into IOS.



40 responses

2 05 2008

me ayudó mucho, gracias!
para que sea más fácil, renombrar el archivo .bin por HOLA o lo que sea

16 09 2014


11 06 2008


I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you could clear something up. You’ve listed some IP addresses and Im not sure which is which. My Router doesnt have any flash files so I dont have a clue what it’s IP might be. Not sure if resetting it will set the IP to the default of

Thanks for any help.

24 07 2008
IT Joe


The router’s IP address is determined by the IP_ADDRESS statement in the original post. The IP address you give it is completely arbitrary. It only needs to match the environment you are working in so you can communicate with it. There is no such thing as a “default IP address” for Cisco routers with no configuration.

23 08 2008

thanks alot,
you helped me 🙂

15 11 2008
Edward Lubaini

Very useful contribution!!

12 03 2009

This was SO helpful! Thanks a million!

9 09 2009

Great posting…helped me out perfectly! My need was that I put in a brand new flash memory upgrade with no IOS. There is no formatting of flash per say, but when you perform the steps outlined above, the flash gets prepared and the IOS gets placed on it just fine.

Once I copied the IOS then did “CONFREG 0x2102”, my old startup-config was brought up and all was well…

Thanks again! Great job.

15 09 2010

thanx ..this post has helped me a lot….
now my router is working fine….

3 02 2011

does nt work with new 3750..xmodemdoesnt work also.. nice.. fuck

17 02 2011

Sorry to hear that. If I get a chance I’ll try it – quite busy right now though.

10 04 2011

Thanks man you save my life…………. 🙂

12 07 2011

just wondering. Will this work on switches?

19 07 2011

Looks like it might for a 3750:


22 10 2011

This was so much faster than xmodem, thank you so much for this, you saved me a ton of time.

5 12 2011

very helpful… thank you!!!

16 12 2011

Could somebody say if this works for a 7606 router, with a Supervisor Engine 32?

1 09 2012

Thanks, really helped!

26 10 2012
Chennai CCNA

Thank you very much.. My Cisco 2610XM IOS was amost corrupted. Want to recover it with a new copy of IOS from TFTP server.

Thanks again,
Chennai CCNA

13 04 2013

Recovered my 2610XM and 2620xm without a problem using this method. Excellent service Dataplumber, we thank you.

21 04 2013

this was great

30 04 2013

I got a doubt regarding the Gateway Ip Addr. I am going to directly connect my router to Tftp server, so do i need a gateway ip address

24 05 2013

In that case, no gateway IP address required – you should be ok.

3 09 2013

In that case, no gateway required – they’re on the same network.

18 09 2013

save my day mate
u rock

4 12 2013
Dhiren sahoo

thanks..its working

12 02 2014

Thanks for sharing as simple presentation that is easy to apply!

5 03 2014
31 05 2014

Thanks a bunch, this saved me a couple of hours waiting for xmodem

6 06 2014

Thanks a lot, this saved me a couple of hours waiting for xmodem

10 08 2014

there is no tftpdnld for ASR920, any idea how to overcome this problem?

2 09 2014

I cannot assign any ip address because it continues to reboot again and again everytime I tried to insert an ip address can u help me?

24 02 2015

Hi Dears .
i did the same process but its faied i am posting my result please guys help me whats wrong with my 2600 series router ,,
TFTP_FILE: c2600-j1s3-mz.123-18

Invoke this command for disaster recovery only.
WARNING: all existing data in all partitions on flash will be lost!
Do you wish to continue? y/n: [n]: y
…….. [TIMED OUT]
ARP: address resolution for timed out.
ARP failed with failure code 1. TFTP transfer aborted.

TFTP: Operation terminated.)

31 08 2015
Kasey kelley

If you have a firwall you will need to turn it off in windows or it will not connect to the tftp server.

25 02 2015

Can you ping the router from your PC? Is the TFTP server running? Do you have a firewall on your PC?

31 08 2015
Kasey kelley

Thank you very much for posting this.

30 05 2016
OneRosomak Rosomak (1R0s0m8k)

I had the issue as Wikee as well: The TFTP mode looks for connection throught the FIRST interface! e.g. FE 0/0, I had it on FE 0/1 and was wondering why it is not fworking. Windows Firewall was NOT blocking it.

23 06 2016

Good to know – thanks.

14 03 2017
Farhan Nazim

Thank you very much its working fine dude…

11 01 2018

Thanks bud! Yep, ol Winders firewall got me!

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