Undocumented (and broken) DXOS command

20 02 2007

While trying to do an upgrade on a DX, I found a command that is not referenced in the command ref, or when you use the “?” at the CLI.

I configured up the upgrade file and TFTP server location as per my previous posting and then issued the “upgrade” command. That resulted in the following:

(*) DX% upgrade
Receiving file /RLS_5_2_4.pac from tftp server
Bytes received: 19338317
Verifying...Error: Invalid argument
Error: Failed to retrieve file tftp://

I re-downloaded the file, and checked the number of bytes – all looked ok, but I always got the “Invalid argument” error when it had finished doing the TFTP.

It turned out that I needed to use the “install” command instead of “upgrade”. In fact, “upgrade” is not documented or available in the CLI at all. What’s more, the “install” command can only be executed by the original “admin” user.




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