MXes out of sync with Ringmaster

13 02 2007

A colleague of mine has been called in to look at a problem for a customer where Ringmaster appears to lose part of the configuration and gets out of sync with the some of the MXes on the network.  But when you try to add the missing config back in, it complains that it is already there…

When looking in the local user database, no MAC-auth users are to be found, but when you telnet to the MX concerned, the MAC users exist. In the local and network changes columns (before you do a deploy) it reports that there are no changes either in Ringmaster or on the MX itself. And yet the configs appear to be out of sync. It is also not possible to cut and paste the MAC users from a good MX to the problem one – if you try to do this it tells you that the config already exists!

The work-around is to delete the MXes from the plan, and to re-upload them into Ringmaster. But who knows – maybe it could happen again. I was there on Friday and no such condition existed as far as I could see.

The MXes are all running MSS 4.2.X.  Not sure of the exact version number.   We’re wanting to go to version 5 but there was reportedly some kind of memory leak discovered in that version.




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3 04 2007


Another solution would be to uncheck the ‘Managed’ checkbox in Ringmaster, save and check it again.

This would be because the Ringmaster and the MX use an incremental number to track configuration changes. If this for some reason went wrong, you can resynchronize this number by rechecking this box.


5 04 2007

Interesting – thanks for the tip. I knew there was some kind of number in there somewhere, but didn’t realise un-managing and re-managing the MX would sync that up…

20 11 2012

Hi do you know maybe why my ringmaster cant upload MX ? the message is ‘
Querying Boot Status and Serial Number:
Device Model = MXR-2
Booted Version =
Next Version =
Image Location = boot1:MX075203.002
Configuration Location = configuration
Serial Number = xxxxxxxxxx

Uploading device:
Waiting for response from device:

Failed upload for device: (Messaging Error). Please verify device IP address and security settings.

I can access MXR-2 via SSH, but when logged wia http there is no options(blank page)

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