Exclusive configuration in IOS and JunOS

1 02 2007

Juniper certainly seem to lead Cisco in certain areas sometimes.

If there’s a chance that more than one person can be changing a router’s configuration at the same time, you can get yourself into trouble. JunOS is quite good in that it tells you as you go into edit mode whether someone else is already modifying the configuration. Of course you could forget that someone is already in there, so it could be a good idea to get into the habit of using one of the two following commands:

configure exclusive
configure private

The “exclusive” keyword locks the candidate configuration and prevents anyone else making changes while you are editing. The “private” keyword is even better – it permits userA and userB to be in edit mode at the same time, while allowing each user to commit their own changes.

Cisco (I believe) didn’t have a feature like this until recently. Now you can do a something similar in IOS too. If you enter the command:
configuration mode exclusive auto
in global configuration mode, this makes all configuration sessions exclusive by default.

Should you want the configuration locking to be optional, use “manual” instead of auto. From then on, when going into configuration mode, you need to type “conf t lock” to set the configuration lock.

I see from the Cisco command reference that this is a 12.3(14)T or later feature, so you may not get it without an IOS upgrade.




2 responses

7 09 2008
孟 诗宇

Say “hi” to the neighbor. Yes, IOS is matching up to JUNOS, and now you can acting configuration rollback and replace by the archive feature in IOS. But the implementation is so complex that guys forget there it is. for your reference: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/ios/12_3t/12_3t7/feature/guide/gtrollbk.html

8 09 2008

Interesting – thanks! Didn’t know about that…

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