Cisco IOS Aliases

10 11 2006

I always seem to type “itnerface” or “cofn t” instead of “interface” and “conf t” – it is because one side of my brain is faster than the other or something?

To sidestep this pecularity and to stop myself making so many mistakes generally while studying for CCIE, I got into the habit of creating IOS aliases for regularly-used commands in Notepad and pasting them into every router before I start.

The syntax is as follows:

alias <mode> <shortcut> <actual command>

So for example, alias exec c conf t allows you to move from privileged exec mode to configuration mode by typing the letter c and hitting the enter key. Just saves so many mistakes! If you specify configure as the mode instead of exec, your aliases work in configure mode too, but don’t forget you need the do command in front of the command string.

Here are the ones I use normally:

alias exec conf t
alias exec srr show run | begin router
alias exec sib show ip interface brief
alias configure dw do write
alias configure ds do show run

I’m sure there are plenty of others to be had, but these seem to come in most useful.




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